Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Trims, Ribbons and Velvet Ric Rac

This week we're busily adding more trims to our shop -- velvet ribbon, miniature pom poms, and, as pictured above, velvet ric rac! So far, the new colors of pom pom trims are listed, as are the new hues of velvet ribbon. The velvet ric rac however, will be listed tomorrow afternoon (except for this lovely navy, which can be found here). Stay tuned!


  1. I just bought some velvet ric rac at a local shop...I'd never seen it before. Very cool.

  2. Oooo...this velvet ric rac is calling my name! I can't wait to order some... I may have to indulge in some more pom pom fringe too...tee-hee... Happy Day ((HUGS))