Saturday, February 27, 2010

We Sell Seashells by the Sea Shore

Crafting with seashells adds beauty and interest to everyday items. Above is an example of how small and medium shells have transformed a vintage box into a sailor's valentine. The design was first laid out without gluing to allow for adjustments, then the shells were secured in place with all-purpose craft glue. Here's a side view:

Picture frames are also perfect for embellishing. Below, small and tiny shells were adhered right to the frame's glass -- we liked the look of the wooden frame and wanted to incorporate it into our finished look. Another option is, of course, to glue directly onto the frame itself.

We've recently added a large selection of natural and dyed shells to our etsy shop in various sizes and shapes:


  1. Oh, JOY! Anything seaside calls my name... And I admire the craft of seashell art... Wonderful stocks of shells you have in shop now. And must say, the Savour looks good there to the left. ;o) Happy Day, Amanda ((HUGS))

  2. Amanda, thanks for stopping by. The eagles are making a big comeback. There's nothing like them. I love your shell creations. Shells are a passion with me. Not a easy collection when living in IOWA. Did you see shelly my shell lady? (In my blog)