Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Yard Project: Patio Progress!

The middle of last week was dedicated to moving the patio forward in several huge steps.  After spending several hours leveling our area, we spread gravel from the brickyard, leveled it as best we could and began tamping it down by hand.  Not pleased with the results, we ended up renting a power tamper that worked like a charm -- as it vibrates itself forward, it totally compacts the gravel.  See it above and how large its plate is compared with the hand tamper next to it? Here's a close up view of its handiwork:

With the area tamped and level, it was time to spread sand.  After a trip to the local brickyard for two scoops of masonry sand, we were ready to start distribution.  One of my jobs was to climb in the truck and push the sand toward the back for easy shoveling:

Spreading it was super satisfying! We could really see the patio shaping up quickly and felt like we were making major progress:

Once the sand was distributed everywhere we gave it a pass over with the power tamper:

Next up came the fun part: paver placement.  Can you believe I made six trips to Home Depot in two days to pick up loads of pavers? We chose a faux flagstone in a terracotta hue to tie in with the saltillo tiles on our porch.  These are a uniform shape that interlock and go down super easily.  It's amazing how one shape can fit together so well.

We got the majority of them placed just before a rain storm moved in.  Unfortunately, when I had a chance to take a picture it was already pouring, and hasn't let up for more than a few soggy minutes since then.  So... more photos coming soon, weather permitting :) I'm excited to show you how it looks!


  1. Amanda, This looks really neat...is that the ocean I see???

  2. HUGELY impressive all you're undertaking with your yard upgrade project...it's looking FABULOUS! Love all the earthy stone.... Happy Days ((HUGS))

  3. Hey Amanda!

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, all those organizers will definitely come in handy. I stacked 2 on top of each other, in the only space left in the DR-converted-art-studio. After thinking about it, 2 won't be enough so I added a 3rd. Now we've got a leaning tower of organizers in that room! My sister asked, "What could you possibly fill them with?" Does she not know me?! In my mind, they're already overflowing!


  4. I love seeing the progress of home improvements. So inspiring!