Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Old Stock Flowers, Leaves and Glue

April showers certainly brought May flowers!

We've just added a ton of old stock millinery flowers, vintage pearlized leaves and even a selection of specialty glue to the website.  From vibrant clematis blossoms to dainty silk hyacinths to long stem cosmos, everything is old stock from Germany, Czechoslovakia and Japan.  

We're very excited to be stocking Coccoina glues from Italy.  Available in both liquid and paste form, Coccoina is non-toxic, solvent-free and has the most delicious marzipan almond scent. 

Click HERE for a closer look!


  1. The coccoina paste is divine! It use to be a favorite of mine, I forgot all about it. I will definitely add some to my next order!

  2. marzipan-scented glue??!! Could be addictive for sniffing... ;o) LOVE all the new flowers--so pretty! You have the best flower collections. :o) Happy Days, Amanda ((HUGS))