Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Starting to Feel a lot Like Christmas

There's been some major stockroom organization going on lately (hence the lack of posting).  Shelf installation, consolidation, rearranging and even a little discovery.

We uncovered a couple of boxes of vintage Christmas stuff all made in Japan: picks, glass ball clusters, millinery berries.

Everything has made its way into our Etsy shop.  We just love working with the sparkle!


  1. Oh, no... has the Xmas count down begun already??!! YIKES!! LOL... ;o) LOVE all the new vintage lovelies you've got in stock...very fun! Happy Summer Days, Amanda ((HUGS))

  2. Amanda,
    I LOVE Christmas!!! I think you do Halloween, too, right? I was just thinking that I need to start "collecting" things for those two marvelous holidays! I must go take a look!