Monday, November 9, 2009

New Putz House Styles

Here's a peek at two putz houses just added to our website.

We make our putz houses entirely by hand from scratch in our California studio. From design to construction to finishing, we spend hours meticulously detailing each piece with carefully chosen elements -- like vintage mercury glass beads, Dresden trim and natural mica -- to capture the charm and elegance of traditional vintage putz houses and the Christmas season.

With cellophane in the windows and a hole in back to accommodate a light, you'll be amazed at how our little houses can whisk you off to your own Christmas dreamland. We include a battery powered flickering tea light for illuminating your house safely.


  1. Those little houses are spectacular--the richness, detail and sense of wonder dazzle--really does! The lighthouse model really calls to me... I'd love to live in a glittery tower like that! You girls do beautiful work! :o) Many thanks for your lovely comments you left at my place this week. Sorry so slow to visit/write. Gearing up for a sale this weekend and listing...LOL! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))