Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Arrived From Germany: Traditional Advent Calendars

Yes, yes, we know, Christmas is still quite some time off. But around here we're always thinking ahead and are SO excited about these new styles of advent calendars that we just had to tell you about them! Above is my mom's favorite called Santa's Sleigh. I love how the artist captured the warm light spilling from the windows.

Above we have Winter White House, a gorgeous Victorian style rendition of the White House at Christmastime. Below is my personal favorite, Christmas Village. The architecture in the square is so quintessentially Europe and I can't resist the tree with children gathered around.

We stock over 50 different styles of advent calendars on our website and add new favorites each year. All are made in Germany by a company making advents since 1946.

So, do you have a favorite?

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