Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do you Know Dawn of Kiki La Ru?

I am smitten with Dawn's cake bunting! If you don't know Dawn yet, you must visit her etsy shop where she offers cake bunting for just about every festive occasion under the sun.

This particular bunting is called Snow Queen and features dreamy pink and cream pennants on pink and white bakers' twine.

If you're more of a DIY'er, Dawn also offers kits for you to make your own.  And she graciously notes where she gets her lovely props, like these sweet little bottle brush trees.


  1. I have seen these buntings... they are adorable.
    Funny: I thought this was going to be about bundt cakes! And now I want to see bunting on a bundt. A bunted bundt?

  2. Wish I were a good baker! Everytime I try, I have big visions in my head of how it'll turn out. Of course, it always winds up a sloppy mess.

    This gal's got talent!


  3. Jill, I know just how you feel!

  4. Dawn's cake buntings are so magical and sweet.

    Hummingbird Traveler