Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Weekly Wrap Up

We've been busy little elves carefully gathering orders and spending lots of time at the post office.  In between all the boxes and bubble wrap though, I've made back to back trips to Home Depot for paint samples for our wall.  We're still determined to paint it deep blue. 

This week we also made a group of crafting supply kits for a special group of scrapbooking ladies who'll be getting together with our blog friend, Cathe.  They turned out pretty awesome with a mix of specialty supplies from our shop; so awesome, in fact, that we plan on adding them to our offerings.  What do you think? Neat, yeah?

Well, I must run for now.  We're having a beautiful warm day today and the ocean is calling, so I'm sneaking down to go for a surf and enjoy the sunshine.  See you all back here soon!


  1. Tickled.
    I love a happy story!
    And thank you for adding me to your "favorite places..." I am honored.

  2. Very cool story!

    Brrrr! A surf in the ocean? I can't even imagine. Here in Bucks, is beautiful Fall weather, but a sweater or coat is definitely needed.

    Always fun to read your posts,

  3. I as so delighted to find out Natalie found you via random search and the we now all know each other...what a small, funny, wonderful world! :o) Glad the quest for blue continues, it will be super once the perfect hue is found. And just LOVE those kits--so pretty! Do you have something like those in your shop? I must to take a close look. Sorry so slow to reply to your note. We travel to the US on Friday to be with family for Thanksgiving and celebrate birthdays--very excited! TONS to do though... LOL! I will write before we go... Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))