Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meet Nina!

One of our favorite things about Etsy is making awesome, talented and kind friends who continually knock our socks off with their creativity.  Case in point, Nina! Jewelry designer and mixed media artist extraordinaire, Nina creates gorgeous dreamy pieces that take your breath away.

The above two shots are of a shadowbox Nina created.  And below is one of eight owl ornaments she gifted to her mom, made with metallic thread, Dresden owls, Czech beads, felt and a washer.

 Be sure to check out Nina's Etsy store HERE and her blog HERE. We can't wait to see what she creates next!


  1. AHHHH!!!! Brain Overload! So many gorgeous creations.....so many ideas....must...empty brain...

  2. Dreamy says it. That is so charming! Thanks so much for your note, Amanda

  3. Remarkable and fun!
    There are some amazing and inspiring talents out there, yourself included. I love that the Internet gives us this opportunity to meet so many fascinating people.

  4. Just LOVE Nina's fanciful jewelry---very inspiring, and I love the pale, frosty tones... GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing, Amanda. :o) Happy ringing in of 2011... May the New Year bring you much PEACE, LOVE & JOY!! ((HUGS))