Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Surprise Visit

Thomas, the cat that lives across the street, showed up at my door this morning. He led me outside, proceeded to find a patch of dirt and took a furious, dusty bath.

Sometimes he stops by to chase a shoelace I leave on the fence for him, but not today. He was content to have a pinch of catnip and relax in the shade of the patio.


  1. He reminds me of a cat who used to live next door and liked to roll in the dirt, too. He was pure white, but he never looked dirty.

  2. Cats can be very friendly creatures ... he's certainly a cute little thing.

    Thanks again for dropping by to visit my Monday mosaic post. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos of the poor tattered butterfly.

  3. Thomas... so happy to see you! Me & our Charlie-Boy say hello :o) ((HUGS))