Monday, August 9, 2010

Halloween Crafting & Decorating

Have you started thinking about your Halloween crafting yet? We've been gathering lots of fall supplies and decorations for the past several weeks and what follows is just a quick sampling.

We found several rolls of vintage crepe paper streamers with pumpkin and cat faces. They're flanked above by two styles of black Dresdens.

We also have a wide selection of orange and fall colored paper flowers.

You can find all of these items here in our etsy shop. Including the orange seashells and inky black glass prisms above.

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  1. mmmwwwuuuhhhaaahaaa... Love all the Halloween ideas, Amanda... especially those black prisms! ;o) Sadly, no I've not thought Halloween yet... I've not thought of next week yet... haha! But I better, Halloween and the holidays are not far off now--yikes! Happy Days ((HUGS))