Monday, August 2, 2010

More Handmade Bias Tape

There's something totally soothing about making bias tape and it's always exciting to see how larger prints look once they're ironed down. This time we've made several hundred yards using pretty Ralph Lauren fabric in 4 different prints. Here's how they look made up:

And here's what they started out as:

One fan of unique bias tape told me she'd used it to trim a kimono style baby's top. She'd bought a a pack of the plain white tops by Gerber that are widely available and personalized it with a pretty floral trim. These prints are perhaps a bit grown up for babies, but we have tons of bias prints that we've made in our etsy shop to please all ages.


  1. I like how a bold print can make for a fun, effective bias tape! The tapes your stocking are wonderful, Amanda--love the variety! Happy Days :o) ((HUGS))

  2. I love the blue with roses, I have one of those sheets. I try to pick up Ralph Lauren sheets when they are on sale, they are of such good quality I can use them for many things.