Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Visit From Thomas

Thomas, the cat who lives across the street and visits us frequently, has been stopping by in the evenings for a little exercise. I keep a shoelace draped over the back fence for just such occasions.

Thomas likes our heavy gardening, too. With so much bare soil he can roll in the dirt and run through the dried lawn all he wants. Above, he thought attacking a calla was more fun than the string...

I got his attention though and pretty soon he was in hot pursuit.

He'll play "I'm not watching you" then, with a leap, he's up and on the hunt, chasing as fast as he can move. Even though we've played countless times, his speed and agility never cease to amaze me!


  1. One of the all time great cats, for sure!

  2. Thomas the Wonder Cat! He is so beautiful. Our cat-boy Charlie is getting older, and mostly goes round at a slower gait. So it's always amazing to see how FAST he can move when he wants/needs too--It's like "Wild Kingdom"--lion on the Serengeti... haha! Happy Weekend, Amanda :o) ((HUGS))